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Welcome to the website for Crossing The Bridge, From Mennonite Boy to Gay Man. This book is now available through iuniverse.  << Click on the iuniverse link left of this text and it will open a new window with a listing of my book offerings.

If you want a signed copy of this book you may contact Dr. Helmuth at helmuthjamesphd@gmail.com and purchase the book directly from him.

The book in now available through Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Search under the name James L. Helmuth.

Book Description:

Dr. Helmuth grew up in a Mennonite home in rural northeast Ohio. His family lived on a 100 acre farm which they converted from a dairy to a chicken farm when he was a young boy.  He lived as a heterosexual and was married for twenty-two years. He and his ex-wife have two grown children.

For the last twenty years, Dr. Helmuth has lived as an “out” gay man with his male partner. In mid-life he nearly took his own life before he found the courage and grace to heal the pain of living a divided life.

In his writing, Dr. Helmuth opens his heart so the reader can understand the pain, struggles, and joys that are involved in finding and living in integrity with one’s authentic self.