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Jim Helmuth’s Crossing the Bridge tells the story of a Mennonite boy becoming a free gay man creating his own kind of family, faith, and love of life. What distinguishes Helmuth’s story and gives it universality is how Helmuth, in finding his own way, finds his own voice but leaves no one he loves behind. While Helmuth never dismisses the pain of others along the way, or his own, he shows in this memoir how we must all achieve freedom or our lives become impossible.

 I suspect you will come to love the man and his unique voice; his journey belongs to us all.   Thomas Dukes, author of Baptist Confidential and Sugar Blood Jesus: A Memoir of Faith, Madness, and Cream Gravy 
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Crossing the Bridge is a courageous memoir by a psychologist who has lived two lives, as a devoted husband for twenty-two years, and the father of two children, and as a gay man enjoying a stable and loving relationship with another man. This is the story of how Dr. James Helmuth grew up within the painfully narrow confines of the Mennonite religion and nearly took his own life in the process of discovering and living his true gay identity.

 “Unsparingly honest, this memoir reads often like a mystery story, sometimes like a tender recreation of the past — always as a poignant, bittersweet narrative of a boy becoming a man…and a man becoming his true self.” Joseph Dispenza, author of God On Your Own and The Way of the Traveler.  

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"There are tens of thousands of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender Americans who are still victims of religion based bigotry.  They grow up hearing the untruth that homosexuality is a sickness to be healed and a sin to be forgiven. There will never be enough autobiographies like James Helmuth's Crossing the Bridge that demonstrate dramatically the tragic consequences of these untruths but at the same time tell the truth from a deeply personal perspective.   

This is the truth Helmuth proclaims and this is the truth at the heart of Soulforce and our work to end religion based bigotry in the Catholic, Protestant, and Mormon communities of faith: "Whether lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender, God created you and loves you exactly as you were created. And anyone who tries to convince you that you are sick and sinful should be loved, forgiven and ignored."   

After a dramatic retelling of his own struggle to self acceptance, Helmuth announces to the world that he is gay, that he is proud, and that God loves him without reservation. There is no greater truth for the victims of untruth and Helmuth's autobiography proclaims that truth loud and clear.  

The Rev. Dr. Mel White, Founder of Soulforce, Inc and Author of Stranger at the Gate: To Be Gay and Christian in America," and Religion Gone Bad - The Hidden Dangers of Fundamentalism.                               

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"I am the oldest of James' family of origin. We are six children - four boys and two girls. I encouraged Jim to write this memoir once I knew he was considering doing that. I bear witness to Jim's honesty, openness, and willingness to finally claim who he always was and is now. 

 Jim loved life enough to travel a difficult and painful journey to be free. He is living into and out of that reality with joy and meaning. He maintains positive relations with all in his family and his siblings who are open to that. For the sake of being of help and encouragement to others who are on a similar journey, Jim was willing to be vulnerable in writing this memoir as he shares his journey with integrity and openness.  

Jim did not ask me to write an endorsement but I offered to do it and he accepted.  I love and appreciate him very much and have been blessed by having his partner Rich as a part of my life and a part of the Helmuth clan.!  

David Helmuth, eldest brother of James